Easter and Egg

11th Jun 2020

The Carr family had been looking for a kitten since their cat passed and had been patiently waiting during lockdown for a perfect match.

Once ‘Easter’ had been assessed and became available we thought he would be a great match for the family. We sent videos and pictures to the family and awaited the response.

We always prioritise pairs and while we knew that Easter and Egg could have been homed separately we were thrilled to hear that it would not be necessary 😀

Seeing this beautiful brother and sister together, how well they interacted and how loving they are with one another they just couldn’t resist offering a home to both kittens!

So today, after being introduced to their new family, Easter and Egg left our cattery to head to their new home!

Thank you to the Carr family for choosing to adopt and especially for their patience and understanding while working with us through these strange times.