Duck and Gimmick

In early July we offered rescue space to two small dogs, from Offaly Pound, who were found as strays but in different towns. We named them Duck and Gimmick and they became good friends and even did their bit by taking part in a local bucket collection together.

It was soon time for them to start the search for their forever homes and we received a lovely application from a lady called Áine who lived in Cork. Once we chatted to her we invited her up to meet little Duck as we thought he was going to be just perfect for her. And he was and later that afternoon Áine and Duck loaded up and prepared for their journey back home but not before Duck had one last quick goodbye to, his bestie, Gimmick who was watching it all from the adjacent garden. We told Duck his best friend had a viewing the next day and he too would soon be heading off to his forever home.

And indeed Gimmick did head off the next day to his lovely new home in Mullingar. What we couldn’t foresee, with Gimmicks new home, was the resident cats adverse reaction to a new dog arriving and despite doing their best it became clear that this had become an even bigger problem within the home. So we made arrangements for Gimmick to be returned.

Meanwhile the reports and photos from Áine and Duck, now Ollie, were coming in and it was during one of these WhatsApp conversations that our kennel manager told Áine that, sadly, Gimmick was coming back. An hour later another WhatsApp arrived from Áine and we were blown away when we opened it.

“Duck and I think Gimmick should come and live with us, let’s reunite these best friends again …forever”. And so the fairytale ending that most dogs, and rescues, can only dream of happened that weekend. Once again Áine and Duck arrived up from Cork and we watched as Gimmick and Duck were, once again, running around our gardens, like old times. This time it was two happy heads that we waved goodbye to as they headed off down our sanctuary lane to their forever home…together.

So when we are feeling down, or simply exhausted, we remind ourselves of these love stories that we feel privileged to have witnessed and played a part in. There will always be so much more love than hate in this world, we just need to remind ourselves of that every now and again.

Áine, you have our greatest respect and we cannot thank you enough for having the biggest heart that fitted both Duck and Gimmick in it ❤️