Dua, a tiny little chi x girl, came into our care nearly 2 months ago. She had been left behind in the garden of a rented house. It was 4 days before neighbours realised what her former family had done and they contacted us straight away. Assisted by the Gardaí, Dua was removed and came to Heathlawn.

She was so so nervous and hid away in the corner of her room for the first week, scared as we approached her and trembling if we tried to touch her. But we kept on talking to her and telling her that one day she would get to be a “forever dog” and would never be left again.

Dua must have heard us because before long she was greeting us with glee, jumping onto our laps for a cuddle and enjoying her walks.

Dua was just starting a season as she arrived so her rehoming was put on hold until she was finished but she didn’t seem to mind spending her days on the back of our kitchen sofa, watching the world go by and sharing our lunches?

A couple of weeks ago John and Jean were in Galway for a few days, John had previously contacted us and made an appointment to visit. We really weren’t sure if we would have any dog to suit them but the moment they met Dua it was all over …and Dua obviously felt their kindness and love because she hopped straight onto Jean’s lap to say hello, something she rarely did with strangers.

A few days ago, John and Jean drove back up from their home in Kerry to bring their little girl home. It was smiles all round as they sat for their farewell photo.

We hear that Dua has settled in to her new home and is enjoying being the centre of attention.

Once again thank you to the wonderful people who choose to adopt a rescue dog. We know John, Jean and Dua will have the best of times together.

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