16th Nov 2020

Dough came to us with her mum and 4 siblings at the start of October. Dough and her sister Crumble were from one litter, Choux and Puff were from a litter the year after while Cookie was the mother of them all. Whilst Cookie was fine, her children Dough, Crumble, Choux and Puff had obviously had little, if any, socialising. We had to start with the very basics, getting them used to collars and walking on leads (which for a couple is still a work in progress). Dough was a little sweetheart and she wanted to be everyone’s best friend, even though at times she was a little scared.

A few weeks ago we organised for Brendan to visit to view one of our dogs but we soon realised that they were not compatible. But we knew a little girl who would love everything Brendan had to offer, Dough 😍

We hear Dough (now Bosco) has settled in well. With everything being new and alien to her Brendan has been taking things slowly but he tells us that Dough is like his shadow always there beside him and she has discovered her home comforts and has her very own armchair 😆

It’s not always easy to take on and adopt the timid or shy dog, the less confident, the ones who need a little extra work more patience and time but for little dogs like Dough we are extremely grateful for people like Brendan who are willing to give them their chance to shine. Thank You ❣

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