Merry Christmas Dottie ❤️

Little Dottie came into our care after she was saved from the cardboard box she was sitting in, waiting to be sold at Maam Cross Fair.

Only 7/8 weeks old, shivering with the cold and walking in fleas, a young man attending the fair decided he wasn’t leaving without her.

We were asked to help and Dottie went into one of our foster homes where she was soon ruling the roost, bouncing around and enjoying life as a pup.

Yesterday was Dotties Day as, fully vaccinated and ready, she got to go home. Katerina and her daughter Sarah already knew Dottie as Sarah helps out at the grooming parlour that Dotties foster mum Jayne owns. Dottie will remain having the best of both worlds her very own family plus staying close to her foster mum Jayne,should any help ,advice or baby sitting duties be needed.?

For Dottie life changed that cold, wet day. Sadly we are not convinced her mum and siblings were as lucky.

The selling /advertising of ANY dog in such places needs more strict regulation and we need to keep pushing our Goverment for such change. For many it doesn’t end sitting under a Christmas Tree as a much loved family pet like Dottie.

As always our thanks to Jayne and Paul for once again opening up their home to another in need and to Katerina and Sarah. Thank you for choosing to adopt a rescue.

Merry Christmas to you All ❤️