9th Sep 2019

Dooley and Vanilla (now Frank and Betty)

In June we were on the trail of a very scared, skinny little lurcher boy, running around the streets of Ballinasloe and limping badly.

Finally we managed to catch him and Dooley arrived at Heathlawn to start the road to his recovery.

In June of 2017, we rescued a very traumatized young lurcher mum and her five babies from the bog in Ballinasloe. We named her Vanilla and she too started her road to recovery.

Some roads are longer than others, some take longer to let go off their pasts and some take longer to learn to trust us.

Vanilla never truly lost her fear and shyness but by the end of the summer of 2017 she had found the most wonderful loving home with her mum Caroline, in the UK.

Dooley bounced back quite quickly and loved the freedom of our fields at Heathlawn.

At the start of July this year ,we received a message from Caroline. Sadly she had lost her beautiful boy Ferris earlier this year and felt Vanilla (now Betty) needed a friend. After much discussion, we felt Dooley would be the perfect match for them .

Dooley (now Frank) did indeed make his way over to the UK, where Caroline and Vanilla/Betty eagerly awaited his arrival. It’s safe to say, it was the perfect match we had all hoped for.

Frank and Betty are now inseparable. Living a life so far removed from their former lives ,that they must think it was all a bad dream. Little did anyone know that the two discarded terrified lurchers found in the same spot, two years apart, would end up being soulmates.

Thank you Caroline for choosing two of our beautiful lurchers to share your home and heart with.

Seeing them enjoying life is just the best feeling.

Lurchers ….Letting go of their past and enjoying their futures❤️