Donut arrived into our care a few months ago. She was surrendered by a kind lady who had taken her in but who always knew that her home was not the place for her but she had wanted to keep her safe before finding help. Donut was quite scared on arrival to us, the noise, the strange smells and people she didn’t know were all new to her but we promised that we would find her the most perfect home.

Once Donut settled in and got accustomed to sanctuary life, she blossomed. She made friends with everyone and could often be seen tearing around our fields with 3 or 4 friends trying to catch her. She loved to play ball and gathered up as many as she could carry, stashing them all in her basket !!

We received an application from a young couple, Mark and Alex and as we read through it we automatically thought of Donut. It seemed like the perfect match. A viewing was arranged and straight away Donut warmed to both Mark and Alex, something she didn’t always do on first meet ups. A week later following their home visit and a few tweaks to their fencing, Mark and Alex arrived to collect their new family member. Decked out in all her new pink attire (Mark swore it was Alex’s doing ??), we watched as two very happy people accompanied by one equally happy Donut set off to start their new life together and we couldn’t have felt happier or more proud to watch them go.

It has only been a couple of days but we hear that Donut has settled in great. She has decided that she should oversee Alex as she works from home and what better place to do that from, but the bed !!! ? Another little soul saved, rehabilitated and rehomed. What rescue is all about ❤

Our grateful thanks, as always, to all those amazing people who choose to adopt a rescue