In January, on a day off, 3 of team had made plans to meet up to walk their own dogs together. But this is rescue where you learn there’s no such thing as a day off as stray, abandoned dogs can be around any bend in the road. And that’s exactly what happened as one of the team drove along a rural bog lane to the rendezvous with the others. It was no surprise that it was a Lurcher. An extremely scared one who could use the only things she thought would keep the human away, growls and barks. A quick call to the other 2 ladies waiting further along the same road with their own dogs and soon all 3 of our team had the scared lurcher in sight.

It is so important at this time to assess and sit tight if needed. Scared dogs are unpredictable and the last thing we wanted was to push her further away and risk losing her forever. Once you’ve seen them the passion inside rescue folk ignites and you will do anything, no matter how long or how hard it may be, to “rescue”. To do it quietly, without fuss ,without drama, without social media and hundreds of eyes on you because all that matters in those moments is the dog that you want to so desperately touch and rid it of its raw fear. Patience and experience paid off for our team and soon we had the sweetest of lurcher girls on the end of a lead. No matter how many times you do it that feeling of sheer delight and relief is probably the best feeling any rescuer can feel. We named her Ditto and we promised her that she was safe.

Lurchers are the most forgiving of breeds and once settled at Heathlawn, Ditto blossomed over the coming days. An application for another of our dogs came in and whilst this application didn’t suit the dog in question we asked them if had they ever thought about adopting a Lurcher. The rest is history and we are thrilled to say that Ditto, now named Hedy has recently moved to Galway City with her new mum and dad, Meredith and Conor. They are now smitten by the Sighthound breed and are helping Ditto adjust to life as a pet and helping her to leave her past well and truly behind her. We are so grateful to Meredith and Conor for seeing the love and kindness that Lurchers bring to your life and we wish themm and Hedy, many years of happiness together.