Finally, this is the last stage of lovely Dell’s journey and it was one hell of a journey for this sweet girl.

We rescued Dell from the embankment of The M6 motorway at the end of January. It was clear that Dell had a badly broken leg but sadly, as it turned out, that became the least of Dell’s problems. On the same broken leg it was discovered that Dells pads had been so badly damaged that there was nothing left except a huge flap of skin.

Thanks to the team at All Paws Veterinary Clinic Limerick, Dell’s broken leg was successfully fixed but we were now faced with a foot that was literally rotting away in front of us, a foot that would need daily dressings two or three times a day where the dead rotting flesh would need to be cut away in order to, hopefully, allow new skin and pads to grow. It meant that we would have to somehow find 3 hours in every day to get Dell to our vets. It was going to be near impossible.

But we are blessed and so very lucky to have the most dedicated, passionate vet on our side and Sara from A Country Practice Vet Clinic went above and beyond for Dell. Sara took Dell home to her own home, bringing her into work every day so she could care for and save Dell’s foot.

It took over 8 weeks of intense daily care by Sara and the rest of the team at A Country Practice but they never stopped believing that they could help Dell keep her foot/leg. We don’t have the words to express our gratitude to them, especially Sara, who surpassed everything a vet should be.

Dell arrived back to our sanctuary but we could see she really wasn’t settling, nor was she happy to be in such a busy, noisy environment. Once again luck was on Dells side in the shape of a former friend/adopter of ours here at Galway SPCA.

Mairéad had seen Dell and her story and just felt completely drawn to her, so when she offered to come and meet her with a view to fostering her we couldn’t have been happier. Not only did we know and trust Mairéad, her many years of working at a vets meant she was more than equipped to deal with a dog who needed extra care and monitoring.

So Dell joined Mairéad, her husband, and their furry family of dogs and cats not far from our sanctuary. We got lots of lovely updates as Dell grew stronger and we were able to follow her progress as she learnt to use her leg again.

We had reason to drop by too as those wonderful folk Fabulous Filo and her Fantastic Friends. sent Dell an amazing Box of Love, which we delivered in person and were overjoyed to see Dell so happy and loved. And a big Thank You as always for their generosity.

And better again that same night, Mairéad signed on the dotted line and officially made Dell a part of her lovely family forever ❤ And a better family Dell couldn’t have got .

Dell now goes by the name Oprah and she is a completely different dog to the one we found lying scared and broken on the motorway. She had the great fortune of meeting some of lifes most caring and dedicated people during her journey back to full health and we are proud to have played a small part in that journey.

The credit for Dell /Oprahs journey has to go without doubt to Vet Sara and the team at A Country Practice as without them she would not be where she is today.

To Mairéad and her crazy, wonderful family who gave Dell/Oprah the chance when she needed it the most and opened up their hearts and homes to her so she could finish her journey to come full circle. We respect and thank you all.

And, as always, thank you to you, our supporters, who were there. yet again, when we needed to raise the funds for Dell/Oprahs operation and ongoing care. Thank you again.

Oprah, we can safely say that you landed on ALL FOUR PAWS and for that we are so happy. Keep enjoying the best life as you do ?