15th Feb 2021

At the end of November we received a call about a very scared, malnourished, mangy and exhausted dog who had been running around Galway City in and out of a student complex. No matter how hard some kind hearted people tried this boy was just too afraid. Finally, near the point of complete exhaustion a lovely young lady managed to contain him and once we got the call we were on our way to collect him.

Deasy arrived to Heathlawn a nervous and untrusting boy but we could tell from the very start that he had a wonderful mind and gentle heart behind his fear. It took a couple of weeks but soon Deasy was a part of the gang and he could be found every day running and playing in our fields with his ears flapping his tail up and the biggest smile on his handsome face. Once we felt Deasy was ready for rehoming he graced our Social Media channels and the applications came flooding in.

We chose a young couple called Mike and Laura to come and meet Deasy. Their application ticked all the boxes and we believed that they would be the perfect match for our boy along with their cat Benji. Fast forward a couple of weeks and Deasy has settled in perfectly. He knows Benji is the boss and is happy with that, he is loving his walks and happily snoozes away whilst mum Laura works in her office from home.

Deasy is where he is today because people didn’t ignore him as he wandered terrified around the streets. Their choice to help him helped change his life forever and we were only too honoured to have had the chance to help Deasy back on all four paws and to show him how fun life can really be when safe and loved.

Our grateful thanks to Mike and Laura for giving Deasy the chance to show them that rescue dogs really are the best!! Not forgetting Benji the cat for “allowing” Deasy, now Charlie, to share his home and family 😘

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