Dayna’s First Gotcha day

10th Sep 2019

In May 2018 we took in Dayna to our care. This 6 year old Greyhound girl had been living in a back yard, pumping out litters of Lurcher pups. Prior to that life, Dayna had raced 19 times and had two registered litters. We can only guess that Dayna was then sold to the back yard breeder, where she was bred with a Saluki.

In September of 2108, Dayna was one of 20 lucky Greyhound and Lurchers to travel to Milan, Italy, thanks to our friends at Pet Levereri. There, her mum Julija was eagerly waiting to give Dayna the life she had never known – a life of love, comfort and security. And it took us as a rescue, Team Pet Levereri and a loving family to give Dayna all that she so deserved.

It is now Daynas “first Gotcha Day “and I think you will all agree that she looks very different to the dog we first took from a shed in a back yard.

All it takes is LOVE …..❤️❤️

Teamwork ….Giving back life ….❤️