Darcy (now Sally)

24th Sep 2019

Darcy was a very sad and scared girl, who was found lying curled up in a ball on the grounds of Garbally College, Ballinasloe.

At that time, Darcy was suffering from mange, a flea infestation, was very underweight and had obviously given birth some months earlier. She was so afraid, she couldn’t make eye contact nor did she want us near her.

Over the next couple of weeks, we showed Darcy that humans could be kind and caring and with the help of some other Heathlawn Doggies, Darcy’s fun and loving side started to shine through.

Back in early 2018, we rescued two dogs from the bog in Ballinasloe, two very scared boys who we named Derry and Mullen .

In July of that year, Derry was adopted by the lovely Hughes family, renamed Terry and became one of the family. So we weren’t too surprised when we heard they were looking to add to their canine family.

A visit to Heathlawn a few weeks ago, where they all met and fell in love with Darcy, saw them find the new family member they had been hoping for.

We hear Terry and Darcy, now renamed Sally have become the best of friends and the Hughes are now a very happy family of SIX ♥️

Two abandoned dogs, both in Ballinasloe, a year apart and now happy together. Safe, loved and enjoying life.

Thank you to the lovely family that is the Hughes…Martin,Maureen, Jack, Darcy (child😀) and of course Terry, for choosing Darcy (dog😂) to complete your family.

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