Daisy was surrendered into our care in early 2022 with her friend Patch. Both were extremely nervous and scared and it took quite some time for them to trust us. In those early months, as we worked to build their trust and confidence, we thought it was best not to separate them as they needed the security of each other. As time went on we started to work with them separately, knowing that some day they would have to be separated and we wanted to make that spilt as easy as possible.

Patch found his forever home and, still nervous at times, he became the sweetest and most affectionate boy. Daisy had found other doggie friends so the spilt between herself and Patch went better than we expected. By now Daisy had come a long way but she was still very nervous and untrusting of people she didn’t know so her journey with us continued while we kept exposing her to new things and new people.

Daisy was also something of an “escape artist” with her setter genes, and some kennel boredom, she was hellbent on getting through our ditches and hedges and after a couple of successful escapes (thankfully caught quickly) she was banned from running loose on our fields. She went into foster for a few weeks as an only dog but suffered from some separation anxiety so returned to our sanctuary. While quite a few adoption forms came in for Daisy, there just never seemed to be one that ticked all her boxes.

Daisy could also be a little reactive to certain dogs, so once again we went to work, slowly hoping to iron out her little quirks so that we could widen our search in our hope of finding her that perfect forever home. The months continued to pass.

Then along came an application and call from Johanna and Terry. They had fully secure walls (no hedges🤣) were at home, loved the outdoors, had no cats but they did have two dogs. Ruby, an older terrier girl, who was fussy about which dogs she liked and Zoe the gentle, kind collie. Would Daisy like them? Would they like Daisy?

By this stage of Daisys journey with us, we had worked hard with her and felt confident that a meet and greet could go well. It went more than well. It went amazingly well and we all held our breath as we asked that all important question. “Would you like to be Daisys new family”?

It has been one month now since Daisy left us to start her wonderful new life with Johanna, Terry, Ruby and Zoe and we have had the most uplifting updates. There were some settling in moments but Johanna and Terry have worked their magic with patience, love and kindness and they now have 3 of the happiest, bonded dogs with our Daisy sat in the middle of it all, grinning from ear to ear.

228 days of kennel life whilst we waited for that “pawfect forever home” and are we thankful that we did as we really couldn’t have found a family more suitable. There were some tears shed as we said our goodbyes but also the most amazing feeling too.

We remain so thankful to Johanna and Terry for giving Daisy her chance to show just how wonderful she is.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and an adventurous 2023 ❤️