11th Oct 2020

Cyber was abandoned at the end of July, left chained overnight to the gates of Claddagh Swan Rescue. We sent one of our team out straight away and what she found was one very confused and scared GSD x boy. It took a little while for Cyber to settle at our sanctuary and for him to learn to trust again but our wonderful team never gave up on showing Cyber that life would be great again one day.

We had quite a few applications for Cyber once he appeared on our homing page but we could only choose what we believed to be the most perfect match for our boy. Johnnie and Martina met and fell in love with Cyber and Cyber showered them with affection too and that told us we had chosen wisely as Cyber didn’t accept just anyone. It’s early days but we can see what a perfect trio Johnnie, Martina and Cyber have formed already.

Training is going amazingly well with Cyber responding happily to anything that is asked of him and we have even watched a video of Cyber discovering the joy of the sea. From an abandoned boy to a boy now living the dream, thank you Johnnie and Martina for giving Cyber his second chance and for making him the happiest boy ever ❤