18th Dec 2020

Little Crumble was one of 5 dogs surrendered to us after we expressed concerns about their living conditions to the owner. When they arrived they had no social skills nor lead training. Crumbles is now the third of this little family to have found her ‘Forever Home’. Yesterday a staff member set off to bring Crumble full circle.

Phyllis sadly lost her best friend of 16 years and, being the true animal lover she is, knew she had so much love to offer another soul in need and so contacted us about Crumble. It is never an easy decision to make after losing a dog but is it one that we are very thankful for. We left Crumble in the arms of her new mum knowing we couldn’t have asked for a better place for Crumble to be. Thank you Phyllis, not only for your unwavering support of all we do but, for opening up your heart and home so soon to a little girl who needed you. May you have many years of fun and adventures together 😘

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