9th May 2021

Cress, our baby collie pup, waved goodbye to his foster family and headed off to start his new life in Co Clare with his new family. His new family are no strangers to us here at GalwaySPCA nor to Cress’s foster family. Marie adopted Snowy, in early 2021, who was also in foster with Lily Ann, and family, and returned last week to adopt little Cress who Lily Ann had been fostering for the last month.

We hear that Cress has settled in well, is learning from his two older doggie siblings and has the younger Snowy to run and play with. Without families like Lily Ann’s and wonderful families like Marie’s, who are willing to adopt, we just couldn’t take babies like Cress in.

Thank you to both families for opening up your hearts and homes to one of our rescue doggies🥰 #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsrock