14th Jan 2021

Found as a stray, Creek arrived as quite a scared boy but thanks to our amazing team he was soon flying around our fields, feeling safe and loved. During his time with us Creek never once complained as every day he would sit quietly and patiently at his door, peering out at us, watching the daily life of our sanctuary go by, never demanding, never asking.

Instead we asked for him and soon quite a few applications came in offering Creek a forever home. We went through each one and finally found one that we felt ticked every box Creek needed, so we made a call. We were nicely surprised to learn that Alice and her parents were actually the same family who had adopted Mattisse from us a few years before, a little King Charles Spaniel found by us with horrific injuries to his face which resulted in him losing an eye. Sadly Mattisse had passed away last year and Alice, along with her husband Brian, were now looking to adopt for their own home. Our phone call confirmed that they were indeed a perfect match for our boy Creek.

Creek has now settled into home life. He has picked the best spot on the sofa, is enjoying exploring his new neighbourhood and has truly made their house a home. We couldn’t be happier for him. From being unwanted and alone, Creek now has two doting parents and an extended family who all think he is just the most amazing boy, which of course he is 😍

Happy times together Creek, Alice and Brian and thank for opening up your hearts and home to a rescue dog 😘

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