1st Feb 2021

Due to circumstances late last year Cohen needed a new home. A big, bouncy boy who struggled to adjust to sanctuary life but he never stopped believing us when we kept telling him that we would find him the most perfect home, one that was used to bigger breeds and who were willing to be patient and loving as Cohen continued his journey with them.

And we found them. Declan and Caroline had put in an application to adopt. It wasn’t for Cohen but we just knew they were exactly what he needed. Phone calls were made, photos sent and they were already in love, a love which was intensified when they met Cohen. And Cohen felt it too. As we watched Declan, Caroline and Cohen get to know one another we knew our boy was going to have the most amazing life, always loved, always cherished. What more could we have asked for? 😘

Happy Days and our thanks to Declan and Caroline for opening up their hearts and homes to a rescue dog.

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