13th Sep 2020

A month ago Clifford was rescued by a group of amazing girls on a day trip to Connemara. They couldn’t and didn’t ignore the emaciated, terrified boy who lay on the roadside of a carpark. They contacted us and arrangements were made to get Clifford the help he so badly needed. Clifford spent a week in BushyPark Vets. He weighed a mere 9 kg, was severely dehydrated, riddled with fleas and mentally exhausted. We took things slowly with Clifford as he arrived to Heathlawn. He was a boy who knew nothing about love and affection. Sudden movements startled him and he was extremely wary of us. But small steps, patience, routine and love started to work on Clifford and soon we had a waggy tail and brighter eyes. He has already put on nearly 5kg too 😘

Last week Clifford had a visitor, Heather. Heather had been following Clifford’s story and she felt she could offer him the one thing we couldn’t… a home. Their meeting in Pacos Den went so much better than any of us could have hoped. Heather is a quiet, gentle and very understanding lady, her calmness around Clifford seemed to draw him to her and we watched as the start of a new friendship blossomed.

Early this morning Clifford started to say his goodbyes to his friends at Heathlawn and with 2 staff members to accompany him he set off to Heather’s. We have agreed that it’s best for Clifford to be a foster boy for now, with a view to adopt once we are all sure it’s exactly what Clifford needs. A bit of a closed book still we want Clifford to just relax and learn all about home comforts under Heather’s care. He has a lot to learn and is still under veterinary care so will remain a foster until that part of his journey is complete. Clifford didn’t travel lightly today between his special food, medication and his ‘box of love’ the van was well loaded😃

Clifford seemed to sense he was safe and walked easily into his new home, greeted Heather with a welcome and seemed very interested in all his new surroundings. As we said our goodbyes to the bravest of little collie boys we knew we had chosen wisely for Clifford. The last we saw was Clifford on the coffee table with his nose dunked in Heather’s mug 😂

Be brave sweet Clifford, this is part of your journey to being a forever dog. We are so thankful to Heather for giving Clifford his chance to shine and to EVERYONE who helped change Clifford’s life, especially his earth Angel’s that day who picked him up and bought him to safety.