12th Jun 2022

In April we took in a very bedraggled, matted and confused little spaniel x boy from the streets where he had been wandering for nearly a week. He didn’t have a collar, just tight rope knotted around his neck, his eyes were full of infection and he feeling very sorry for himself.

But once safe, treated, fed and loved it didn’t take long for his true character to emerge and what an amazing character that turned out to be.

Chornyy, as we had named him, was just the sweetest, funniest, most lovable boy ever who saw life as one big party. He made friends with every dog he met especially our two puppies at the time, Wish and Kaipo. He loved every human he met and we were all covered in kisses and hugs on a daily basis.

Soon it was time for Chornyy to find his forever home and applications started to come in. But, for us, one application stood out. We felt they were the perfect match for Chornyy and he for them.

Sophie and Tom live in London and had started their search for their forever dog. They are young, active, work from home and live beside one of Londons biggest parks where they spend as much time as possible, as well as enjoying days out exploring. With one of our team now working and living in London we knew that we could not only have a homecheck done but Chornyy had “GSPCA back up” should he ever need it.

His homecheck was completed and it was, as we expected, the most perfect match. It was official. Chornyy was reserved to Sophie and Tom and would be officially called Guinness!!

So now our team started to prepare Guinness for city life and to be fair it didn’t take too many trips out for us to realise that Guinness would love the hustle and bustle of it all. And whilst we waited for a travel date for Guinness, he was lucky enough to go into foster with Tatiana and Mat until it was time for him to leave. A lovely couple who have recently started fostering for us and are doing a fantastic job, helped to prepare Guinness for life in a home.

We had a few delays along the way but last Wednesday Guinness finally set off across the Irish sea where his very excited new parents were waiting to greet him. Sophie and Tom are absolutely over the moon with Guinness and it was instant love all round. We hear that Guinness has taken to city life with ease and has visited a local pub where his dad Tom introduced him to his namesake (great excuse there, Tom🤣)

We pride ourselves in always putting our dogs needs first and despite the distance and the extra work involved in getting Guinness to his new home, we knew that it was where we wanted him to be. It is perfect for him and that is always our foremost priority when rehoming.

We can’t wait to see more of Guinness on his adventures and we wish Sophie, Tom and Guinness many happy years of fun and laughter together.

Thank you Sophie and Tom for choosing to rescue 😍

Also a big thank you to our amazing team here at Galway SPCA, from our sanctuary team to our fosterers who all came together to ensure Guinness found his happy ever after 😍