1st Aug 2022

Found lying on the streets suffering with severe pneumonia, Charms start to a new and better life was one that meant she had to spend quite a few days at the vets receiving treatment. But thanks to the wonderful care by the team at A Country Practice Vet Clinic, she was discharged and arrived at Heathlawn. And she was a “Charm”, sweet, kind and during her time with us she helped many a nervous dog by allowing them to share her kennel as she taught them that us humans were the good ones.

When we saw Gails application for Charm we straight away felt this was it for our beautiful girl. Her homecheck was completed and it was time for the all important meet and greet. We knew that Charm would love them, we also knew that they would love Charm, it’s impossible not to, but what about Russell the families 10 year old terrier boy? It all depended on what he thought and thankfully, though he didn’t get too excited or proclaim his love for Charm that day (or the following days😜), we felt that there was an unspoken acceptance and respect between Charm and Russell, the vibe was peaceful and positive.

It has been a couple of weeks since Charm has joined her new family and we hear that she has settled in really well. She and Russell have become good friends and though he probably won’t admit it, Russell seems very taken with the new lady in his life 😅🥰.

After a start of neglect and illness Charm has now completed her circle and is a big and much loved part of her new family.

Thank you for giving her the chance to show just how amazing and forgiving rescue dogs truly are.


Burns Pet Nutrition