Oh Happy Days ❤️❤️❤️

You may remember this little bundle of fear Caldo. The little boy we went out to rescue off the streets of Ballinasloe where he had been spotted straying so afraid that he had hidden himself deep in a thorny hedge.

For days Caldo hid away in his basket at Heathlawn and anytime we approached he shook in fear. So we introduced him to Cady the terrier who, full of confidence, soon had Caldo running around behind her in our fields and over the next couple of weeks, Caldo started to interact with us, enjoying belly rubs and cuddles, though still shy and nervous.

We had so many offers of foster homes and forever homes for Caldo but they came during a time that we were on complete lockdown so unfortunately we had no choice but to say no yet we knew Caldo needed a home so perfect for him where he could continue to grow in confidence whilst feeling safe and secure.

Last week we received another call for Caldo and a couple of minutes into the conversation with Frances we knew we had found the most perfect match for our little boy.

After much discussion at GSPCA and with Frances, it was decided that a staff member would take Caldo to Frances’ home to let them meet and then a decision would be made, all whilst adhering to present protocol of social distancing.

As expected Frances, her home and her lifestyle ticked all the boxes that we wanted for Caldo. A quiet home with a mum who worked from home all the time. A doting Granny just down the road on hand to dog sit whenever needed and best of all Granny’s dog, Missy, who was outgoing, friendly, fun and kind. Our staff member drove away knowing that we had left Caldo in the most safest, patient and loving hands.

It has only been a few days but we hear Caldo has settled in amazingly well after a shy and cautious start. Every day sees his cheeky side develop a little more and his braver side too so much so that last night he ditched his brand new comfy dog bed to jump up on his mums bed and snuggle down beside her!!!?

He has been enjoying walks out and about with Missy showing him the way, been up and down to Granny’s for tea and biscuits, helped mum with her computer work and even ordered some new toys on line !!! What a busy little man he has been ?

We are so, so thankful to his lovely new mum Frances for opening up her heart and home to the sweetest of little boys. We wish you all many years of fun, love and happiness.

New days, new beginnings. Keep on smiling bright little Caldo ❤️

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