Well this was one chap who didn’t hang around very long, his paws barely touched the ground before he had visitors. Caffrey arrived from Mullingar Pound after he was found wandering the streets. When no-one came forward to claim him he travelled to our sanctuary where we had a cosy kennel awaiting him. The sweetest, kindest and most loving of boys he fitted right in straight away. A vet visit for routine neutering and, more importantly, a check of his eyes as we could see there was damage to one of them. Caffrey is completely blind in his damaged eye but sees perfectly with his other one and it never stopped him running around and enjoying daily life.

Mike and Dot adopted Blossom, the terrier, from us 3 years ago and when we saw they had applied for Caffrey we organised a meet up. Blossom, in true diva style, wanted to make sure that Caffrey knew she was boss and Caffrey with his chilled, easy going nature was more than happy to let her have her way (wise boy ?). Mike and Dot were instantly smitten and Caffrey seemed to know he was onto a good thing, sitting up beside Mike and covering him in kisses. There was nothing left to say. Caffrey had won their hearts and despite Blossom muttering a few rude words once she realised she had to share the back seat, and mum, we knew Caffrey had just bagged himself an amazing forever home.

We hear Caffrey that has settled in instantly, is loving the sofa, his walks, cuddles and is happily pottering around behind Blossom, doing exactly as she asks !!!? Thank you to Mike, Dot and Blossom for opening up your hearts and homes to a second Galway SPCA dog. We know that Caffrey will be well loved and cared for ?