1st Mar 2021

By now this little lurcher boy is no stranger to those of you who have followed his story from the beginning. He was found, thrown onto a river bank in a plastic bag at just 6/7 weeks old, picked up and brought to safety by Michelle, the Offaly Dog Warden, and arrived at Heathlawn the following day going straight into foster with Alex and Paul. Cadeau suffered from a joint disorder which meant his legs were distorted, leaving him unable to stand or walk. After months of special casts and vet visits every 2nd day to change and check them, careful management and a good diet, Cadeau was soon standing tall and proud on “straight legs”. He got where he was because of the love and dedication from his amazing foster parents who gave their all to ensure he received all the care he needed.

As Cadeau approached 6 months old he was like any young lurcher of his age and if you didn’t know any better you would never recognise him as the small, weak, bandy legged pup. Out of the blue we received a message from an old friend/vet nurse/fosterer of ours. A woman whose love for Sighthounds was as great as ours and whose home, when she lived in Ireland, had seen quite a few of our hounds in need in it, Halo, Onyx and Miranda to name a few.

Having lost her previous hounds Humphrey and Keeva a few years ago, Sarah had seen Cadeau and was hoping that he may be the perfect match for her home and lifestyle, not forgetting of course her ex-Gspca boy James! After putting Alex and Sarah in touch for a chat we were all delighted to know that Cadeau would have the best of life with Sarah, Ronan and little James in the UK. Last Friday, Alex and Paul said a sad farewell to the boy they had meticulously nursed back to full health over the course of the last 5 months. Their plan was never to hold onto him but to get him back to full health and ready to face a world that had previously treated him so badly. It is never easy to say goodbye but Alex knew Cadeau was going to the most amazing home and safe and loving arms.

Early Saturday morning a very excited Sarah, Ronan and James waited for their precious Irish boy to arrive to them in the UK. Shortly after 7am the photos of smiling faces and happy doggies were being sent to both ourselves and Alex, and we watched Cadeau arrive, greet and settle into his new home. For those of us that know Sarah and her passion for hounds, it was somewhat emotional seeing a Sighthound back by her side once again. We know Humphrey and Keeva would be smiling down on their mum, proud to know they had left huge houndy pawprints on her heart ❤and instilling a love for their breed.

Cadeau is now Conor and his journey to “forever” is complete. He will live the best life with his new family But he owes so much to so many here in Ireland where his story first began, the Offaly Dog Wardens, Galway SPCA, Railway Vets, Loughrea and, most of all, his foster family, Alex and Paul, who poured their heart and soul into making sure he became big, strong and loving through their care. Two very special, selfless people who loved Cadeau so much they knew it was right to let him go to a home who would continue the work they had started. Stepping back to let his “forever” step forward. Enjoy your new life sweet boy and spread lots of Lurcher love to all you meet ❤