After 306 days in our care, the Queen of the Cattery, Diva Extraordinaire, Ms Buffy left us to begin her new life as a proud and pampered pet!

Buffy had struggled with hairloss and over-grooming due to stress and despite giving her as much care and attention as possible in a busy cattery it was never enough.

Homing her with physical issues was one thing but Buffy herself could be slightly temperamental. A sweetheart, if you were one of her chosen ones, but for those that she deemed ‘unworthy’ it was best to admire her from a distance.

We met her perspective new mum a few weeks ago and, while we held our breath at first introductions, Deborah was not put off in the slightest even when the Diva decided to throw a strop. It was meant to be!

Deborah had lost her last cat (another force to be reckoned with) recently and felt she could offer Buffy the type of structure, stability and company she needs to keep her health and her moods in check!

Thank you Deborah for choosing to not only adopt but to open your home to the cat that needed you the most ?

Have a wonderful life Buffy x your presence will be missed, your swipes…. not so much ?