You may remember Brosna when she first arrived to our sanctuary, alongside her friend Barrow. While Barrow engaged with us and was happy out, little Brosna was absolutely terrified of us and everything around her. She would spend her days hiding away at the back of her kennel and if one of us entered she would bury her head in the corner and shake uncontrollably. It took a lot of patience but we finally got Brosna to trust us, though she remained a nervous and shy girl in new situations or around new people.

A month ago we read an application from a lady called Tina. She was interested in Brosna and thought she could maybe offer her a home and she definitely seemed to tick all the boxes we had asked for. With her sidekick Lilly, the terrier, Tina arrived to Heathlawn to meet Brosna and after a lengthy chat we decided it would be best for Tina to foster Brosna. After all, we had no idea how Brosna would cope once leaving our sanctuary, despite us carefully choosing Tina and Lily to be her new family.

Well we needn’t have worried as last Sunday we were all thrilled to see Tina, Lily and Brosna attend our GSPCA Dog Show together especially as we could see for ourselves just how much progress Brosna had made. And best of all? Brosna is no longer Tina’s foster dog. She is her “Forever Dog”. Officially adopted by Tina and Lilly and now a much loved part of their little family ❤

We are so so grateful to all our adopters but especially to those people who accept our less than perfect doggies yet are still willing to give them the chance they too deserve.

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