They may have arrived stuffed into a dirty, soaked hamster cage, sick with parvo and absolutely terrified of us but they have left in style, comfort and in loving arms. A week and a half ago it was time for our third puppy from this litter to fly the safety of the nest they had grown used to at Heathlawn.

First it was Trick, followed by Treat and this time it was Broom who had to be brave as new faces, new voices and hands arrived to bring him home to his new life. Denise and David already had a collie at home called Gracie, a very nervous girl that they had taken from a pound, a girl they had to help adjust and rehabilitate to home life.

And as little Broom was still the more nervous of this litter, we knew he was going to be in the most safest and loving of homes with a couple who knew only too well that it can take time, patience and love to help scared dogs. Of course Broom was terrified as we placed him in the back seat of their car and it always touches us so deeply that we just can’t explain that they are going to a better place and that soon we will be just a distant memory as they learn to trust and love these strangers today. We hear that Gracie has taken Broom under her wing and has helped him adjust. Broom has also given Gracie a role and she is delighted to now have a little brother to teach new things to. A win win situation all round.

Denise and David are a couple who understand dogs like Broom, a couple willing to give the “underdog” a chance to prove just what wonderful dogs they truly are given the time.

We are as always so grateful to wonderful people like Denise and David who choose to adopt a rescue dog.

Thank You ❤️