Bourneville was one of our 9 lurcher babies found abandoned in a field, sick, mangy and underweight. She was the smallest of the litter but, like her siblings, sweet-natured and loving. The O’Shea family came to Heathlawn with their boy Pedro, initially to meet Meringue (a 4 year old Lab x girl). But it is important to us that we find the most perfect match every time as our dogs are our priority, along with the visiting family and their existing pets. We just didn’t feel that Meringue was their perfect match and neither did Pedro, in his own quiet way. So we had a little think and our thoughts led us to baby Bourneville. We felt that she and Pedro would be better suited and she ticked all the family’s boxes, as they did hers.

It has been a few weeks since Bourneville headed home to start her life as a much loved family pet. Bourneville and Pedro are best friends and whilst life may be a little madder as Bourneville goes through her puppy stages, it is also filled with lots of laughter, games and love. Exactly as every home should be ❤

Our heartfelt thanks to Vikki and her lovely family for choosing to adopt. Here’s to many happy years, filled with wonderful memories ?