28th Mar 2022

Bourbon arrived as a stray and slotted into our kennel life straight away. He was simply the sweetest, kindest boy. Once we got to know Bourbon a little better we put him up for rehoming and waited for the applications to come in. And we waited. NONE!! We just couldn’t understand why this amazing boy wasn’t popular? So we reposted showing the fact that nobody seemed interested in adopting what we considered one of the doggy worlds greatest gifts. Over the next few days applications started to arrive and then came the hard job of choosing the most perfect home for Bourbon.

Caroline and her family have now been the proud humans who have had the privilege of being Bourbons nearest and dearest for the last few weeks and they say he is just the most delightful, easy boy who just loves life. He has settled into the big smoke and has just been on a weekend away at the beach which he loved. Bourbon, renamed Reuben, has completed the family home and brings much joy and love.

Thanks to Caroline and her family for opening up their hearts, home and life to our boy. We are, as always, forever grateful to everyone who chooses to adopt. Live a long and happy life sweet Reuben🥰

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