24th Apr 2022

It was on a very miserable, wet night in March that we received the call about a very scared little Lurcher running around a country lane. It was suspected that she had been dumped from a van, seen in the area a couple of hours earlier. Sadly, she wouldn’t allow anyone near her that night but thanks to locals Vince and Bernie, who agreed to leave a shed door open with a bed and food, she was caught the following morning.

Boula was only a young girl but she had already suffered in life. She was extremely fearful, especially of our movements, mops and brushes, almost everything. So we handed her over to our resident dogs Amica, Mash and Pogo so that they could do the work we couldn’t at that time. It wasn’t too long before Boula was one of the gang, tearing around our fields, happy out. She came on in leaps and bounds and was such a sweet natured girl.

Sarah and Eamon had applied to adopt a dog & they really didn’t have too many requirements. They just wanted to rescue and give a dog a second chance. We immediately thought of Boula. It has been a couple of weeks since we waved Boula goodbye and, yes, she was nervous leaving but we knew that she was in very safe and extremely loving hands.

We hear that she has settled in really well considering her past and fears. She has started to grow in confidence and cheekiness and is loving the freedom of her field to do zoomies. She is also getting braver out on her walks as she continues to bond and trust her new Mum and Dad.

We cannot thank Sarah and Eamon enough for seeing the true beauty of Boula and not just focusing on the fact she was shy, for believing us when we told them there was a super fun girl behind her shyness and that she just needed people to give her the chance to grow and blossom in a home.

We wish the three of you many wonderful years of fun, adventures and love ❤