11th Oct 2019

At our annual sponsored Oliver Walk, we arranged a little rendezvous for one of our Heathlawn residents.

Booey, our little terrier girl had a date with Mary, one of our active supporters and mum to former Galway SPCA dog Bear, the Boxer X.

Since sadly loosing Pixie, their beautiful Galway SPCA girl, earlier this year Mary and her husband Tony felt Bear needed a sister /friend and after chatting, we felt Booey would be the perfect match.

After walking together on our 5km walk, we were delighted to see Mary and Booey returning with smiles on their faces.

Booey is now firmly ensconced on the sofa in her new home, adored by her new mum and dad, Mary and Tony and giving Bear a run for his money around the garden in a game of β€œtag”.

Two very happy dogs, who are so lucky to have found such wonderful, caring humans to call their very own.

We hear there was much excitement at the opening of their Burns gift pack and of course, it was ladies first when it came to trying out the treats, as if Booey would have it any other way. Small but mighty and already the β€œboss β€œπŸ˜‰

As always, our grateful thanks to all who choose to adopt one of our rescue dogs or two 😜

Have fun you guys!

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