1st Aug 2021

In June we were alerted to two 4 month old lurcher brothers who had been found straying around the streets of Galway City. No Microchip. No Collars. No Owner. They came into our care and after a couple of days settling in the boys were soon bouncing around our sanctuary.

A month earlier a lovely family had found a stray adult Lurcher who they took into their home and minded. Unfortunately their own little dog Barney wasn’t too taken with the new arrival and we arranged for Tennant to come to us. Even after just a few days Tennant had shown them just how gentle and loving lurchers truly are and they got in touch offering to foster Bond, hoping Barney would feel less intimidated by a pup. It only took a week before we got the phonecall from mum Jo-Ann saying they wished to make it official.

Bond is a huge part of the Davies Family. He is loved and cherished by all ,especially his new big brother Barney. And the best news is that Jo-Ann and her family have offered to be available for future fostering.