It’s been just a week since our Bobbee left Heathlawn after waiting over 430 days for someone to give her the chance she so deserved.

It has been a week full of walks and adventures for this gorgeous girl and we feel quite emotional looking at these photos of Bobbee, living the dream and feeling so much love.

Bobbee may have had to wait for her perfect family but we knew the wait would one day be so worth it and it looks like we were right ♥️

January 17th

The sun shone brightly today at Heathlawn ☺️


Fourteen months ago Bobbee arrived to us from Mullingar Pound and today, 438 days later, she got to go home ❤️Bobbee spent her days with us sitting at her kennel door patiently waiting and never giving up in her belief that one day someone special would find her, and we never stopped hoping too. So many times we tried to find the perfect home for Bobbee but we hit a brick wall and her wait continued. A girl with the biggest heart. The same heart that kept Bobbee smiling and loving despite her wait.

Today Bobbee’s wait ended. Sinéad and Michael came to visit Bobbee last Saturday from their home in Dublin. Having lost their beloved American Bulldog Freya last year, they had seen our recent post on Bobbee and just knew they had to meet her. They fell in love instantly and felt so strongly about Bobbee that they drove back down AGAIN the next morning just to see her ? Today their drive down was to bring their new family member home forever ❤️

Tonight Bobbee’s kennel lay empty and it felt strange not seeing her squishy face peering out at us but we were happy in the knowledge that she was, by that time, nearly home. Bobbee has safely landed in her new home, has had a good nosey around, a play with her new toys and is flat out on the sofa, snoring blissfully.

Today was a day where we were reminded of the good in the world, reminded of the kindness, love and compassion that some wonderful people are willing to go for the love of a dog and we are always so very grateful to them.

Sinéad and Michael….THANK YOU ❤️

Bobbee Boo, have the most amazing life. Keep on smiling, keep on loving and keep on bringing as much joy to those you meet, as you did to your Heathlawn Family over the last 14 months.

Bobbee….You made it home ❤️