It wasn’t too long ago that little Blume could only dream of a better life, kindness and love as she wandered the streets of Tuam. Emaciated, with mange-ridden skin and a tight rope around her neck, Blume had no idea that her life was about to be changed forever, because people cared.

Spotted and posted on Facebook, one of our volunteers saw the post and headed off in search of the sad little dog she had seen peering out at her from someone elses photo. It didn’t take long to find her and soon Blume was safe and on her way to better things.

She was just the sweetest of girls who, despite the neglect and cruelty she had suffered at the hands of humans, was ready and willing to love and trust again. Blume was everybodys favourite and she loved nothing more than cuddles and belly rubs. It took some time for her skin to improve but she never minded her weekly baths. Her back legs which had been so weak at first, obviously tied or kept in extremely small area, started to grow strong and we loved watching Blume run around our sanctuary fields. Life was wonderful for Blume but we had one more gift to give her.

Last week Blume had some special visitors. “The Stacy Family” who, after being home checked, drove up from County Waterford to meet a little girl who they had already fallen in love with. We expected Blume to be somewhat shy on introducing her but it was as though she knew why they were there and it wasn’t long before she was cuddling up to Bill and his son Adam.

It has been a week since Blume started her new life as a much loved family pet and we hear that she settled in really well. Having never been inside a house before, her family took things slowly and quietly but are just thrilled to have a four legged friend back in their lives again.

We wish you all many happy times together and a big thank you to the Stacy Family for choosing to adopt.

Have the most wonderful life sweet Blume, you deserve it so much ❤️