1st Aug 2021

3 kittens, born to mum Kuro, were taken into our Cattery until they were old enough to be separated. They went into foster, with our long time foster mum Edel, for some socialisation and TLC!

Binky, Bear and Bette have come on leaps and bounds and have grown into the most affectionate, nosey and mischievous little kittens. After a few weeks in foster and with their standard vaccinations, chip and neutering complete, Binky was the first to fly the nest and begin his life with his new mum Alice!

There is so much more to rescue than meets the eye. The amount of work that goes into each cat and kitten can only be accredited to our amazing team of foster homes and volunteers! All would be in vain if not for the amazing people like Alice and those who are willing to adopt!

We wish Binky the best of luck in his new new life with Alice and we look forward to some, what we can only imagine will be, very entertaining updates ! 😻