10th Aug 2022

Our big boy Benson, now renamed Kairo, left our care a few weeks ago. Benson came into our care after he was surrendered to a pound. This goofy, most lovable, funny boy bounced his way into all our hearts.

But sometimes being fun, goofy and lovable doesn’t guarantee you a forever home as also being big and bouncy can often deter people. So many of our applications are for small dogs and whilst they too deserve their special forever homes, it often means our bigger dogs are overlooked. Bigger dogs just means that there is more “dog” to love and we often find them a lot easier than some of our more, shall we say, opinionated smallies 😅😅😜. Benson was simply amazing and you couldn’t help be drawn to his big smiley face as he greeted us all with sloppy kisses at every chance.

Siobhan and Edwin had sadly lost their own big gentle boy and were tentatively thinking of giving another rescue dog a chance and Benson had caught their eye. After an initial meet and greet with just Siobhan, which went so well, she and Edwin headed off on a pre-booked holiday but that holiday was cut short as they decided to come home early to be able to welcome their new boy Benson home 🥰.

It has been a few weeks and we have been getting wonderful updates of Benson/Kairo as he adapts to home living, his goofy smile still making us smile when we receive them. Both Benson/Kairo and his parents have enrolled in training classes which are a great way to bond and get to know one another better and they are all enjoying life together.

Thank you Siobhan and Edwin for seeing Bensons/Kairos big heart and giving him his chance to be a part of your family and home.

Wishing you many happy adventures together ❤


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