This little guy is the 5th puppy, a brother to Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Mo. He was always the quietest of the bunch and seemed to be the one left out or picked on, so when Alan visited our sanctuary a couple of weeks ago and fell madly in love, we decided that it was in this little chaps best interest to allow him home with Alan, after a homecheck.

Benny, as he is now known, has settled in as though he has always been a part of Alans family. He lives with Dad Alan, Granny Patricia and his extended family which includes a couple of cats. Alan says that Benny is the sweetest, kindest, most clever boy and that he couldn’t imagine their home without him.

Thank you Alan and family for choosing to adopt, for being loving and patient as Benny adapts to the world away from the back yard he was bred into. Have a wonderful life making wonderful memories ❤

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