6th Feb 2020

Many of you may remember the video of this little girl, at the start of January, when two of our team went out to rescue her.

Just after Christmas we worked with our friends at Chihuahua Rescue Ireland and offered a space to a beautiful Lurcher girl we named Carand. A young, playful and loving girl, who had been found on the streets fending for herself.  Carand settled into sanctuary life and loved nothing more than a play in our fields or a cuddle on the sofa in Paco’s Den.

We added her to our long list of resident Greyhounds and Lurchers already waiting in our busy kennels. Nearly all of our Sighthounds  rely on rescues in the UK or Italy to find them their forever home, despite us constantly promoting them here as family pets. But Carand was lucky enough to find her forever family right here in Galway.

Last Sunday her very excited family arrived to bring her home. They had arrived at our sanctuary a few weeks earlier asking about Lurchers and we were only too happy to tell them just how amazing they are! And it wasn’t long before they were smitten too. They were also willing to put up better fencing so they would pass the home check so they could adopt Carand.

The Ross Family are now converted Lurcher Lovers. Carand, now Poppy, has stolen all their hearts and in true Lurcher style, their sofa too😂

And for the staff and volunteers at Heathlawn ? We are so happy that Carand got to stay here in Ireland. That, unlike so many of her breed, she didn’t have to make the journey across the sea to find her family. They were here, willing and open to adopting a Lurcher. We are so very grateful to them that they did.

Happy Days are ahead for Poppy and her lovely new family ❤️

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Bebo had hidden herself away in a lady’s shed, too scared to come out. Thankfully our team managed to coax her to safety and this teeny, tiny girl joined us at Heathlawn.

She slowly grew in confidence and developed a cheeky, lovable nature, so it was no surprise that she didn’t have to wait too long for a forever home.

Sergio and Sharon called as they were looking for a companion for their existing dog Toby, who they adopted from us a couple of years ago. We all thought Bebo would be the perfect match and they were!!! We hear Bebo is now very well settled in her new home and is funny, cheeky, playful and very loving.

Bebo was also very lucky to have received a ‘Box of Love’ from the @fabulous filo and fantastic friends, who send their boxes out to so many dogs around the country ,who arrive to a rescue, scared and unloved. She promised she would share her ‘box of love’ with her new brother Toby 😜

So Bebo had much to be thankful for.  Rescued, rehomed and remembered by so many kind hearted people ❤️

#adoptdontshop #rescuedogs #fabulousfilo Burns Pet Nutrition