Bear and Bindi

22nd Dec 2019

Little black panther orphans Bear and Bindi finally said their farewells today!

Found by a man walking his dog… at only 10 days old the pair had somehow been separated from their mum and were crawling around football field, in desperate need of help. They were brought in by their finder and kept warm until a volunteer was available to collect them and they were brought straight to a vet.

Kittens that young are always a risk and and there were times that we really didn’t think they would make it. That was especially so for little Bear as he continued to give his foster mum cause for concern and he needed a lot of extra tlc. But with time and love they eventually both began to thrive and grew into the sweetest most loving boys you could imagine.

Finding a home for any cat is difficult enough these days and for pairs it’s even more difficult. For our pair of little Panthers it seemed like it would be impossible to find them a home together so we resigned ourselves to the fact that the boys would most likely need to be split up. But miracles do happen.

Pauline and her family had been thinking about getting a cat for some time and when she came to visit she realised just how many black cats and kittens we have in our care and heard about how despite being such wonderful pets that black cats are so very often overlooked. She called back to say that they had room in their home for two!

We are so pleased for our little boys and their new family who get to celebrate the holidays together x
Thank you Pauline and your wonderful family for choosing to adopt!

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