Christmas week 2020 we agreed to help to ex-breeding girls who we named Bow and Baubles. Two little girls who arrived to us matted, smelly and totally unsocialized. For many weeks all we could do was feed them, talking quietly to them as we entered their room, avoiding eye contact and allowing them the space they so badly needed. Touching them soon became a reality and whilst still very nervous of strangers they learned to trust our team and loved attention. Lead training proved a huge obstacle and again it took many weeks before we had both girls trotting along nicely on the end of one.

At the very start of their arrival to us we felt Bow and Baubles should stay together but as the months went on and they started to open up, we realised it wasn’t such a good idea as Bow could be very jealous around Baubles and we had intervened a couple of times when a row broke out. From our very first posting of their arrival one lady been in touch and over the following months continued to keep in touch on a weekly basis. With an existing dog already in their home and only looking to adopt one dog, we explained that we were still undecided on whether we would home them together or separate but this lady was willing to wait for our decision on whether she would get the chance to give just one of the girls a loving home. Our decision eventually to separate the girls for their own best interests meant we were now able to invite the Power Family to our sanctuary with their dog Rocky to meet the girls. Baubles and their dog Rocky hit it off straight away, playing and running around together. Bow was less enthusiastic about the “visitor” which made making their choice a little easier.

Baubles has now been in her new home for just over a week and has really settled in well. She and Rocky are the best of mates and Baubles has made sure she always gets the best seat in the house ?and Rocky doesn’t seem to mind either!! It took a few days for Baubles to feel fully comfortable around her new humans but with Rocky showing her the way, she is now a regular cuddler on the sofa. It has been a long and, at times, stressful journey for Baubles (and Bow) but we are just delighted that Anita and her family never gave up waiting and hoping that they could adopt one of our girls if we felt she was the right choice for them.

We are so thankful to The Power Family for their patience and understanding during the long process of the girls rehabilitation. Here’s to many adventures and memories together ❤

Bow left our care at exactly the same time as Baubles headed off to her forever home so as to cause as little stress as possible to both. Bow is now in a foster home with a view to adopt.

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