Just before Christmas, a little Saluki girl lay curled up in Waterford Pound waiting hopefully for someone to spot her. We spotted her and offered her a rescue space along with a little shy terrier boy from the same pound.

Bantam arrived a very weary, battle scarred, underweight girl. She showed all the signs of having lived a previous life of cruelty and neglect. Luckily for Bantam she found a foster home with one of our staff and her 3 other hounds. At first all Bantam wanted to do was sleep. For the first time in her life she had a comfy bed, regular food, love and security.

Bantam slotted in well and was just the sweetest, kindest and gentlest girl, who was always so grateful for anything she received. She enjoyed her walks in local forest parks and would often be found curled up on the passenger seat of her foster mums van at Heathlawn. Bantam also discovered the joy of a human bed and refused to get out of it til at least lunchtime most days ?

We posted Bantam a couple of times on our page as looking for a home, even though our Sighthounds are usually the least popular when it comes to finding homes in Ireland, we like to say we tried.

Sadly no one came forward and, like nearly all our Sighthounds, Bantam was earmarked for one of our fellow rescues outside of Ireland. Until last weekend, when we received a call from a lady called Beverly.

Beverly and her family had lost one of their lurchers, Lady, to cancer a while ago and they felt their other lurcher, Rosie, was pining for another friend. Would Bantam be the one ?

Beverly, Tony and Rosie made the journey from Kildare to meet Bantam and the next day, with two of our lurchers heading to the UK meeting their transport in Kildare, Bantam accompanied her foster mum too.

Bantam walked confidently into her new home today, said hello to the painters and builders, had a nosey around before plonking herself into Lady’s old bed.

A bittersweet moment for Beverly and Tony but also a great testament to the love of this breed and the love that Lady had given them over the years. We are sure Lady is so proud to see they have given another lost soul the chance of happiness.

We are over the moon as a rescue that maybe, just maybe views are changing. That more and more families are seeing the true beauty of the Irish Lurcher /Saluki and Greyhound. That more families are willing to give this breed the chance they so deserve to show everyone just how amazing they truly are.

We work hard to promote this wonderful breed and it is moments like this, and like Plums earlier this week, that give us hope for this breed that has been over looked. It is not fair to rely solely on their ‘exportation’ to other countries in order to get loving homes, that are denied here, simply because of their breed.

As Bantam settles down tonight in her new home, here in Ireland, we are thinking of our other two Lurchers crossing the Irish Sea tonight ,as they head to our friends at Forever Hounds Trust UK. Minogue, our Lurcher, and Tai, our lurcher pup.

Hopefully there are more families here willing to adopt an Irish Hound ♥️

Thank you Beverly, Tony, Rosie and family for giving our Bantam a loving home. We are so very grateful to you and all of our adopters.

Have the best life Bantam, sweet girl. You have made it home❤️

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