You will remember Balfie and his arrival to us mid January from Mullingar Pound. Balfie’s life had been turned upside down by the sad passing of his Dad and he came to us as a sad and confused boy. At first, Balfie seemed to enjoy his new life with us but after a couple of weeks we started to notice he was less happy, stressed and was quite miserable. We tried our best, sending Balfie out on forest walks, giving him extra time on the sofa in Pacos Den but we all knew he was looking for the one thing we couldn’t give him in our busy daily routine and that was a forever home.

We posted Balfie’s story and opened up our applications in the search for the perfect home. Balfie proved to be very popular and many kind people applied but, to us, one seemed to stand out a little more than the others and our gut feeling was telling us this was hopefully the one. Mary had sadly said goodbye to her beloved boy Danny but her love of having a dog as a best friend was so great that she wanted to help another. Being an active pensioner, with a very supportive dog crazy family beside her, we just knew that Mary and Balfie were the perfect match. So yesterday morning bright and early Balfie said his goodbyes to Heathlawn and was “chauffeured” by a GSPCA volunteer to his new home where a very excited Mary awaited her new best friend. It was, as we had expected the most wonderful match of two wonderful souls as Mary welcomed Balfie into her home and heart. With dog beds, sofas and human beds to choose from we hear Balfie that has had a very comfortable first night. He has been very busy looking out of the upstairs bedroom window across his neighbourhood and hasn’t stopped squeaking his new toys and didn’t even bother getting up too early this morning, opting instead to watch some breakfast TV from the comfort of his mums double bed whilst she was preparing his chicken brekkie ??

Balfie, we hope we have done you proud and honoured our promise that we would find you the best home ever. I think it’s safe to say that we have ? And we hope that your Dad is smiling down on you as you now sit in your armchair, safe and loved once again. Mary thank you, what a wonderful and caring lady you are, putting the loss of your beloved Danny aside (but never forgotten) so you could offer all your love to another soul in need. We wish yourself and Balfie many years of fun and chats together. Also thanks to Shelley, Mary’s daughter, for helping make both Mary and Balfies dreams come true ?

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