After 146 days of waiting for his special humans to come along they finally did last month and Bailey got to wave goodbye to all his carers, at Galway SPCA, as he headed off with his new family.

Found on the streets of Ballinasloe with a badly broken leg, it was quite the journey to get Bailey back up and running again but this brave little man transformed himself from the extremely nervous, scared boy that arrived to the sweetest, loving, playful boy that won the hearts of his family.

Our grateful thanks to Adam and his family for seeing passed Baileys initial shyness, at their meet and greet, for being patient and caring as Bailey got accustomed to his new life and humans.

We hear that Bailey is now loving life on the parks and beaches of Galway and is keeping everyone fit and busy with his ball 😁🥰.

There’s someone for every dog, even those dogs who may not shine as much as others due to shyness or their pasts and it was quite an emotional day for us when Bailey became a “Forever Dog”.

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