Aroma arrived a couple of months ago. She was a somewhat overweight (first time ever!!?) Saluki girl of about 5 years old. She had obviously had quite a few litters in her short life and remained shut down and hidden during the first week. But it’s in their nature to be forgiving and resilient so wasn’t long before we got to see a waggy tail.

Aroma caught the eye of a young couple Chloe and John who had heard great things about Sighthounds as pets, so a visit was arranged and they were smitten.

Due to an ongoing infection Aroma remained in our care but Chloe and John came to visit her just chilling in her company for half an hour and getting to know one another. This evening as all our other dogs slept, we awoke Aroma from her bed and sneaked her out of her kennel, up to Pacos Den where her new Mum and Dad were waiting excitedly. In true Saluki style Aroma walked in, hopped up on the sofa making herself comfortable before acknowledging anyone ? Tonight Aroma has chosen a big comfy bean bag as her bed in her new home though we hear she is also eyeing up the sofa ?

We are thrilled to see another home open up their doors and hearts to a breed that is all too often overlooked when it comes to adopting a rescue. Thank you so much Chloe and John for giving Aroma her taste of a forever home.

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