Arden arrived after he was found hiding on the side of a busy motorway. He was scared of everything, especially us. A young boy but one who had obviously seen too much cruelty in his life.

So we paired him up with another dog and let her do the work for us in those early days and Arden began to trust us but he never really lost his nervousness. We knew that he would make the most amazing dog but it just had to be the right home and environment so that Arden would feel safe and loved whilst being his funny, playful self.

There were quite a few offers for homing Arden but it was one from a lady called Saskia that really caught our attention. She had two rescue dogs, one who had some serious fear issues in the beginning, a quiet but active home and we really felt this was the perfect match for Arden.

A meet and greet was arranged and it went better than we had hoped. Arden, of course, latched onto the other dogs, yet at the end he approached Saskia for a brief cuddle.

It has been nearly a month now since Arden left the safety of Heathlawn and started life as a much loved member of his family. With love, patience and an understanding of what is needed, Arden is now besotted with his new family. He goes by the name Duffy and adores his big sisters Bonnie and Edie and even his little cousin Nellie, who is quite fussy about who she likes, is his great friend. He so obviously idolises his mum Saskia and is also best mates with his dad Brendan.

Not every dog can leave their past behind them straight away and we are so thankful to those special people who understand this yet still want to give these dogs their chance to change. And with love, patience and kindness, they can change… at least enough to give back tenfold to the people who they know believed in them and brought them home.

Thank you Saskia, Brendan and gang for giving Duffy his chance to shine ❤


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