When an application came in looking for a cat that could tolerate two rather opinionated dachshunds we knew that there was only one cat for the job! 🥰

Ace was found before Christmas with a harness attached. His finder had exhausted all avenues in finding his owners and wasn’t in a position to keep him herself so he settled into the cattery. Aces chilled and easy going personality meant he would likely adapt to almost any home but his inquisitive and cheeky side meant that he needed a home that would keep him entertained and stimulated too!

Paula and her Husband and their two dogs fit that bill! Ace moved in a took over in true cat style! His ability to charm everyone he meets meant he had his new Mum and Dad smitten from the beginning and over the course of a few weeks he has charmed his doggy sister to the point that they enjoy playing together ❤️ His doggy brother, Hector, is still not impressed but has resigned himself to the fact that Ace is here to stay 😅

Thank you Paula and family for giving Ace his Purrfect forever home.