A few months ago, a young Saluki boy, Aberama arrived into our care. He was always such a happy, easy going boy, just one who had seen very little of the world outside of the place he had been kept chained up.

When we saw an application come in from the Pitman Family, looking to adopt a dog and preferably a lurcher, we were overjoyed. We immediately thought that Aberama could be their match. Whilst many more people are realising just what amazing pets Lurchers, Salukis and Greyhounds make, the volume of abandoned and unwanted ones coming through the doors of all rescues in Ireland far out number the amount that are homed here.

It has been a few weeks since their meet and greet and home check and the arrival of Aberama into their home but the Pitman Family are delighted with their new family member.

Aberama, now known as Loki, had a little bit of adjusting to do. He settled very quickly into his home but finding himself alone, without other dogs, for the first time in his young life became a little overwhelming for him and we had the classic “I’m refusing to walk” scenario, but all credit to Tina and her family who came to us for advice, put that advice into practice, and they are now all loving life together both inside and outside of the home. A little patience in that first week or so with a young, inexperienced dog has paid off and we hear that Loki and his family are enjoying trips out and about together.

As always we are delighted to have found such a loving home for one of our dogs and are so very grateful to The Pitman Family for choosing to adopt, especially an often overlooked pointy nosed one?.

Sending you all our best wishes for many happy times together.