Beautiful Bella

SPECIAL HOME REQUIRED …❤️ BELLA…. Our second longest resident at Heathlawn is our beautiful,very shy girl Bellla…. Again,yet another of our dogs who requires a home willing to help Bella overcome her shyness and nervousness in life but a girl ,who we believe,in the right home has so much to offer if given her chance. […]


Presley has been in our care for nearly 3 months now after he was found late one evening on a deserted forest road,scared and extremely emaciated,weighing a mere 9kg. Showing his true collie trait of loyalty,Presley had remained curled up ,in the spot he had been abandoned at,a few measley handfuls of dog nuts thrown […]

Soda and Snap (mother and her 14 week old son)

SODA and pup SNAP… Soda has now waved goodbye to two of her babies, Crackle and Pop, who have both found their forever homes… This leaves our little mum and her son still waiting. Usually, it’s normal for a mum to be fed up of her pups after 10 weeks but that was never the […]


This sweet natured, unassuming girl was rescued off the streets, emaciated, scared and so obviously having previously led a life as a breeding machine.. Her body was covered in sores and some mange but Puckley arrived submissive and so grateful to at last have a comfy bed and regular food.. She has now recovered from […]

Mr. Bumbles

Mr.Bumbles…. Our longest resident at Heathlawn is Mr.Bumbles. A boy who may have a few “quirks” that will require a home willing to give him the time to trust and bond but a boy we truly believe has the potential to make the most amazing boy ,in the right home,given just the chance …. If […]

Redmond …..

Redmond ….. let’s not forget the most senior man at Heathlawn…as if we could .Redmond is approx 10/11 years old and is the funniest character. He likes to be the boss and doesn’t take kindly at being told what to do or where to go but his charm and quirky nature are hard to resist […]


Mia …… Mia is a Yorkie x ,approx 12 months old. Mia is another of our shyer girls,always watching from a distance ,unsure about joining in but once we sit her on our laps,Mia is such a loving little character.She will need time and patience to adjust to home living and will need another small […]


contact Emma on 0872765690


Contact Emma on 0872765690


  Bobbee is a 14 mth old Am Bully mix Well mannered, playful and very loving to people of all ages. Bobbee must live as an only dog and with someone with breed experience.   contact Emma on 0872765690