*Foster or Forever home needed*

Zeppelin is our little lurcher boy who was found abandoned on the streets. He was underweight, had itchy skin, fleas and a belly full of worms. He has now recovered well from his miserable start in life and despite arriving to us shut down and scared, Zeppelins cheeky and playful nature has started to surface.

At approx 10 weeks of age, Zeppelin is your typical pupster. He has discovered the joy of toys and is very good at amusing himself. Zeppelin is also very good at taking himself off to bed when he feels tired and is still learning about interacting with humans, but is something he is becoming very good at. He loves a cuddle and will curl up happily beside you.

Zeppelin is young enough to be introduced safely to cats and, with early socialisation, should live happily with one (or two!😁). He is friends with Magnet, our little lurcher girl, and has also taken quite a shine to our newest arrival Lando (another sighthound pup). He would also be happy as an only dog as long as he has lots of human company throughout the day. He could live happily alongside children, in fact adopting Zeppelin is probably going to be on par with raising quads!!🤣

Lurchers make the most amazing family pets but please remember that as pups (and teenagers) they can be quite a handful, so any potential adopter will need to be ready for all the usual puppy/teenager antics that they bring (some more than others 🙂). Be prepared to lose plenty of your possessions, food and, at times, your sanity. You will probably never go to the toilet again in peace nor will you look with the same pride at your home grown flower pots, after your pup has done his own bit of “gardening”.

The list of reasons WHY NOT to adopt a puppy is long and isn’t for the faint hearted but ANYONE who is owned by this amazing breed will tell you to “hang on in there” as what emerges from that “notorious period” is simply the most wonderful, loving, loyal and gentlest of dogs.

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Yes, you will probably regret it but hey, you only live once !!🤣😊😉

Zeppellin’s Microchip number is available on request.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.