It’s Wilson!!!!!! Our 10 month old Chihuahua x.

Wilson was found last Autumn running scared on the streets of Galway city, only a baby of approx 5 months old
With no collar or chip, Wilson definitely looked the worse for wear, underweight, covered in fleas and generally in poor shape.

He was lucky enough to follow in the paws of many other of our small doggies and go into foster with one of our City team, Shelley.

Shelley says that Wilson settled in really well with her gang of dogs of various breeds and size and has become a firm favourite of them all.

A little boy who just loves to play, Wilson is first to the doggie toy box every morning, making sure he gets to pick the best toy before anyone else in fact, Wilson likes to think all the toys are his 😂 but he does share.

He will happily spend time playing fetch and generally keeping everyone amused with his playful nature. He loves his snuggles on the sofa and will happily curl up for an evening of soaps. Wilson has also met some children and was delighted to get them throwing ball for him in the garden.

Wilson is now looking for his forever home. He would love another dog to play with or a human who will be around for most of the day. A comfy sofa or lap is also required 😛

Please contact Emma on 087 2765690 for more information on Wonderful Wilson!